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Protect your devices with the best free antivirus on the market. Download PC Magic Antivirus and anti-spyware protection for your PC.

PC MAGIC Antivirus is one of the popular antivirus software & has been protecting millions of PCs across the globe.

PC MAGIC provides security solutions for windows computers. PC MAGIC antivirus can be installed by downloading it from official PC MAGIC website. PC MAGIC software installation can run into problems such as conflicts with other security software, blockage from viruses, multi-device license management, or product key recognition issues. Our expert support team can help sort out these and related PC MAGIC software installation issues.

Antivirus software, given growing nature of security threats, is becoming more sophisticated and complex. PC MAGIC antivirus software is no exception. Unexpected problems can often result from the complex interactions between the security software and the operating system. For example, PC MAGIC software can sometimes cause internet connection problem, the built-in firewalls can conflict with Windows firewall, some multi-function printers can be blocked from printing, or an older version of PC MAGIC cannot be uninstalled. Fixing these problems is not easy. Our expert support team can help you troubleshoot these issues.

All antivirus software detects malware infection by comparing the database of virus signatures with the bit stream of the files and folders on a computer. Since the signature database is huge and a user may have thousands of new files, emails, and other documents, this process takes time and also requires microprocessor time. This means that depending on how the PC MAGIC software has been configured other applications can slow down. Our technicians know the different techniques to ensure that your computer performance is not compromised as a result of one of PC MAGIC's antivirus.

PC MAGIC antivirus software is easy to configure and use. It provides advanced protection to surf, bank & shop online, and protects against viruses and spyware. It also cleans, tune and speed up the pc. But if you are not technically savvy you probably need help for using some of these features. In such cases PC MAGIC, like other security software vendors, recommend that user check its website for directions. But these manual steps are beyond the capability of most users. Our expert support team can help you with such software usage issues.

What we Cover?

To eliminate above mentioned and other problems, get in touch with Onsite Work where PC MAGIC support services include the following:

  • • Setup & install PC MAGIC Antivirus software.
  • • Removing conflicts through un-installation of existing security program
  • • Activating PC MAGIC antivirus software.
  • • Updating/ upgrading the PC MAGIC antivirus software
  • • Configuring the PC MAGIC antivirus software
  • • Installing virus definitions and latest updates
  • • Configure security settings for higher level of protection
  • • Customize PC MAGIC antivirus settings as per your requirements
  • • Repair and recover corrupted or lost files and folders
  • • Scan & remove virus, spyware and other malicious programs from your PC
  • • Fix & troubleshoot PC MAGIC problems
  • • Optimize performance of your PC
  • • Tune up your computer so that it runs at optimal speed

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